Om Lervig

Lervig is an independently owned and operated craft brewery located in Stavanger Norway. We produce a wide range of beers from easy-drinking pilsners and pale ales to barrel-aged stouts, barley wines, and sours.

Our goal is to brew the best beers in the world. To do that we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of brewing for everyone, both everyday folks and craft beer lovers alike. We’ve combined the experience and creativity of our brewers to bring accessible, easy drinking and trending beers to market, but we also love to work outside our comfort zone and test the limits of our team.

Today we’re focused on growth. We’re constantly brewing new beers while making sure we have a healthy supply of refreshing beers to ship throughout Norway and beyond.

Our people are what makes this brewery even more special. Within these walls you’ll find an international team bringing a global perspective to our brewing process, and working hard to make sure that we keep producing the beers that people are looking for.


  • Partner siden: 2020

  • Partnernivå: Samarbeidspartnere

  • Besøkadresse: Vierveien 1, 4016 Hillevåg

  • Webadresse: https://www.lervig.no/

  • Telefon: 51 81 25 00