Habu Holding

Om Habu Holding

Habu Holding AS is a private investment company focusing mainly on the energy sector, with strong emphasis on product development. We also have a diverse portfolio of real estate investments.

Our team has extensive operational experience from the Oil & Gas Industry, and know what it takes to succeed. We create value by partnering with entrepreneurial managers to build substantial and sustainable companies.

Our head office is in Tananger, Norway. We have additional offices in Dubai, UAE, Al Khobar, Saudi, Aberdeen, UK, USA, France, Hungary and Sweden.


  • Partner siden: 2019

  • Partnernivå: Samarbeidspartnere

  • Besøkadresse: Energivegen 20, 4056 Tananger

  • Webadresse: https://habuas.com/

  • Telefon: 934 46 515