Om Vallourec

A world leader in its markets, Vallourec provides benchmark tubular solutions for the energy sectors and for other applications, including some of the most demanding: from oil and gas wells in extreme conditions to next-generation power plants to daring architectural projects and extremely high-performing mechanical equipment. Adapted to the challenges of the 21st century, our comprehensive, innovative solutions are designed for three main markets: oil and gas, low-carbon energy, and industry.

A trusted partner that creates solutions

True to our pioneering spirit, we now go even further by prioritizing two areas of focus:

Expanding our offering by digitizing it via (for example) smart, connected tubes.
Developing a range of services, specifically digital services, that are bundled into the offer. These services represent a new overall experience for our customers and are designed to provide them with support throughout their entire value chain by combining the best of our physical and digital skills.

This approach of constant innovation enables us to maintain our technological leadership and satisfy our customers’ requirements by helping them meet the challenges they are facing head on.


  • Partner siden: 2020

  • Partnernivå: Samarbeidspartnere

  • Bransje: Oil and Gas

  • Besøkadresse: Risavika Havnering 309, 4056 Tananger

  • Webadresse:

  • Telefon: 51 54 50 10